Bronwyn is on the ball, very efficient, decisive, and fun to work with. I thoroughly recommend Bronwyn for any strategic leadership mentoring, she is the go – to professional in this space!


Rob Lowe

CRM, CRM Integration, Business Workflow, PaaS Business Workflow, Custom Web Based Software

I would highly recommend Bronwyn to colleagues working in the social services sector, as an external supervisor in project mentoring and personal development. As a relative newcomer to the world of project management, I came away from our mentoring sessions with the ‘stuckness’ removed and a new strategic direction in working with difficult personalities and ‘managing up’ in the workplace! Bronwyn’s infectious enthusiasm, creativity and respectful approach gave me permission to push the boundaries to be the most effective, just and grounded worker I can be. Bronwyn helped me build new skills using my intuitive knowledge and rediscover my belief in myself that I can do anything!


Lucy Van Sambeek

Coordinator, Healing Our Children Project, Relationships Australia NT

The girls were clearly wrapped about working with you. The dynamic was so powerful. I wish I could stick around and see this program develop! I am more than happy for you to share this email as I believe it is so important to have recent evidence of the awesome work you are doing.
Thank you again Bronwyn and all the best.


Richelle Hedstrom

Communities for Children Coordinator (Palmerston)

She has an outstanding history of enabling organisations and individuals to self-direct, lead, problem solve and to build high performing groups through a unique ability to bring clarity to what really matters.  Bronwyn is a straight shooter and engaging her services will allow you to experience the partnership of somebody who wants you and your team to achieve quickly.  But further, Bronwyn will challenge you to achieve beyond the limits you may have imagined and be far more influential than you would have perceived your team to be.  And within this professional message of improvement, Bronwyn also understands people.  She has a deep understanding of what it takes to motivate, to learn and to sustain cultural enhancements capable of outstanding results.  Having worked with Bronwyn in a variety of professional capacities, I have no hesitation in recommending her to you unreservedly.


Adam Voigt

Director, Real Schools Australia

Social networking can be very confusing for people to navigate, let alone being able to achieve great benefits for their business.

I have watched Bronwyn’s business grow as a result of her increased presence and skill in using social media. Not only is Bronwyn very proficient in this area, she is also very generous and capable in passing on her knowledge to others. I have benefitted greatly from Bronwyn’s input and very helpful tips in using social media in a focused way.

Bronwyn is focused on purpose and achieving results and she has great success in working with others on these particular aspects. Complementing this particular skillset , Bronwyn is also a very avid networker and is able to connect others according to specific interests and professional pursuits.

I would recommend Bronwyn to anyone who is wanting to achieve results in social media marketing and networking.


Marg Lambert


I have consulted with Bronwyn as a business mentor and social media adviser. She is very skilled at personalizing her training to my level of knowledge and ability. I have walked away from my sessions with Bronwyn feeling empowered and armed with practical knowledge. I have thoroughly enjoyed her style and manner of training.


Rena Walker

Bronwyn has an exceptional ability to understand and extract the best from people. She is centred and is secure in her own ability to challenge people through the right questions. Bronwyn’s energy is contagious and her positive attitude equals her extremely high ethical behaviours. I have no hesitation in recommending Bronwyn.


John Bray

Bronwyn Clee is a professional, knowledgeable and energetic person who works wonders with staff to develop collegial and productive professional teams. In 2010, Bronwyn facilitated a number of professional learning sessions around Restorative Practices. Her unique ability to challenge beliefs and understandings in a safe non judgemental manner engaged all staff in discussions.

The processes and discussions which Bronwyn guided staff through created a renewed vigour for teaching, learning and wellbeing approaches. Bronwyn’s distinctive ability to build authentic relationships and facilitate the difficult conversations in a supportive and professional manner has given staff the opportunity to move forward collectively and confidently.

The results to date are vast including staff advancement of a school professional learning plan to further develop skills in coaching and mentoring.


Wendy Jordan

Bronwyn is a true innovator. She has that incredible knack of bringing the right people together at the right time to create something magical. I truly admire her energy and enthusiasm for motivating people to just go for it. She is an inspiration; I am honoured to have her as a professional colleague and friend.


Janelle Sigley

Bronwyn has an unique ability to identify and provide the best possible solution for individuals to achieve their maximum potential.

Bronwyn’s bright sunny nature supports her skills to work with individuals to pursue and achieve their goals.

I would highly recommend Bronwyn to anyone.


Desley Pidgeon