Bronwyn Clee has truly inspired me to become the alchemist of my own life! She has enabled me to cut through my own limiting beliefs so that I can become the master of my own destiny. She has been the magician in my life, and as her willing apprentice, I now have the tools to deliberately create the life I want for myself using a range of strategies based on solid coaching principles and practices.

Ever the professional, Bronwyn’s commitment to her clients is awe inspiring! If you are committed to change, then she is right there standing side by side with you. I am forever grateful to Bronwyn for her guidance, honesty, love and support along my journey, and I would recommend her to anyone who is contemplating change and /or more enriching future for themselves.

Michelle Bailey

Bronwyn has so much to offer if you are lucky enough to work with, learn from or just be with her.
I have had the pleasure of doing all three. The latest experience was trying to cram as much ‘social savvy’ information to give me the skills to develop my business in this fast paced world of social media.
Bronwyn has this infectious energy and excitement when teaching, so much so you want to spend more time learning as much as she is willing to offer, yet have the feet twitching under the desk to get moving on all the inspirations she manages to stir.
I can’t wait to learn more from this amazing, inspirational and energetic woman. Thanks Bronwyn.
May 2014
Kristen Johnson


I had worked hard all week and my shoulder was sore, but on Friday I only worked half a day and took some painkillers and went to bed and had THE best sleep I have had in years!! 1 1/2 hours and I never moved from where I lay down. Then last night I had another awesome sleep. I truly attribute it to the work you did with me on Thursday.

Thank you so very much. I feel really calm and at peace with myself most of the time and when I am doing a job now I don’t feel so “frantic” or the need to “get it done superfast”, it is a hard feeling to explain but there was always an urgency to complete it because there were so many other things still to do.

Now I can say to myself, “just calm down, slow down, you will still get it done and ignore the “frantic” feeling that is there”.

Oh and on my day off, on a relatively easy day I walked 6463 steps, about 4.5km it reckons, so I can’t wait to see how far I walk on a work day!

May 2014

Yvonne Bauer

Domestic Engineer

“Hello again Bronwyn,

I do hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you again.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying life up there in Darwin. I hope you don’t mind but you have certainly made a huge difference in my life…

I have surprised myself a number of times and been that driver not the passenger, as you suggested. Wow, thankyou.

Again when I am struggling I remember your wonderful words, my amazing trip to Bali and all the other things that are good in my world…

Hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you again but I do just want to say what an amazing person you are and again to thank you.

May you always have happiness and laughter in your life, you have given me a lot of strengths that I didn’t know I had, well I guess I knew, just doubted myself so to you and your family have a wonderful christmas and may all your wishes and dreams come true.


Much love to you always

Moya xxxxx”

Dec 2013

Moya in Bali

I happened to mention to Bron that my goal this year was to deal with the pile of baggage labelled ‘guilt’ and she offered me a 45min tapping session on Skype. What do I need in order to surrender to any spiritual process?

1. Respect for each other
2. Grounded, well-founded practice and
3. Joy in the space.

Tick! Tick! Tick! So I did the process and WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! I have only felt that debilitating guilt once since – and that was when I had taken myself back into that space to write about it. Ouch! Hard to imagine that guilt was a common state for me only weeks ago. Thanks Bron, I recommend you wholeheartedly. From the new lighter and brighter Kaye :)) PS Looks like I need a new goal for 2012!”

April 2012

Kaye Hall

I had the great privilege of being a part of a 33 day Bootcamp for Beliefs that Bronwyn conducted online. I want to split this
 testimonial into two parts, first acknowledging Bronwyn’s wonderful
 talent and compassion in facilitating the weeding and re-planting of
my beliefs and habit patterns, and the second in acknowledging the
 powerfulness of  structuring this exercise to take place online.

Bronwyn’s energetic and enthusiastic approach is really contagious,
and before I knew it I was pretty much swept into giving my 100% to 
this excercise. There was not a single time that Bronwyn did not reply
 or respond to my sharing and updates and her encouraging and yet
 gently compassionate way of doing this made me feel like I was being 
tenderly held in the arms of a caring but non intrusive teacher. The 
challenges themselves were amazingly described and sequenced, and they 
helped me identify and peel away layer after layer of dysfunctional
 beliefs that were keeping me stuck in a recursive loop of experiencing 
more of what I didnt want in my life. Bronwyn’s constant reminders of
 self care, self pace, and self love kept this exercise enjoyable and 
doable for me at all points.

There have been some times earlier when I 
have embarked on a programme of self development only to give up half
way, and I think the only reason I did not give up on this one was
 because of Bronwyn’s continual insisting on self pace and self love,
as she helped us start this on a foundation of being kind to 
ourselves. I loved working and interacting with her and I truly thank
 her for her love, support and encouragement.

I really liked the online design of the boot camp exercise, because it 
allowed us to integrate the challenges very much into our everyday 
worlds. Thus, I could literally test out the effectiveness of weeding 
out an old belief of planting a new one, as an ongoing process by just 
becoming aware of how I was feeling and thinking in my everyday life.
I did not have to come back from an intensive retreat and then have to 
learn to re-apply the learning to my ‘real world’ so to say. This I
 think has made this exercise very effective for me and the changes I
 went through have become intertwined with the way I lead my everyday

Thanks for this amazing gift Bronwyn!

Oct 2011


Dear Bronwyn, You have been an exceptional leader on this challenge and I would like to share as precisely as I can in what ways this space has touched my life…

I feel that I have been on this path of self-discovery for many years, and straying off it for as many years maybe…

However there are some milestones, times of epiphanies, which set me right back on track with renewed intensity, faith, joy, determination, and “knowing in the place that knows”, as a friend of mine says. Books, encounters, experiences. Reading “Women who run with the wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes was one of them, spending two weeks at the Findhorn Foundation, a community of spiritual intention in the north of Scotland was another one, as were Reiki, the whole series of “Conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsch, mediation, daily gratitudes, meditation, just to name a few prominent ones. 

The only other time in my life when I have experienced unconditionnal love and support from a group of people, thus propelling me forward to another level of self, to become the best version of myself, was Experience Week at Findhorn, and that was a massive turning point in my life.

I mean, it had an effect, that rippled across my entire life and gave me the courage to change many “things” in it, including partner, country and frame of mind. 

That’s what I’m talking about here, Bronwyn, maybe you know this already about yourself or maybe you don’t. I am an eager learner, and if somebody gives me a chance to learn deeply and change deeply, I’ll do it in earnest, and since you’re all about “inspiring people to be the change they want to see”, I want to let you know that you have done much more than inspire me.

You have given me the tools, you have given me the safe space, the group has given me the momentum, you have held the space that you had given us in the first place, you have held it long enough for my new tools to become friends and habits, you have held it long enough, safe enough and vibrant enough to allow me to turn breakthroughs into shifts, to integrate what I was learning about myself. You have given me wings. 

As this challenge is coming to an end, I am on my way to unveil more of who I am, and on a very concrete level, I am able to unsuscribe from many newsletters, as I do not, for now, feel the need to hunt for the next piece of vital information, since you have turned me inwards so gently and so persistently that I agreed to reconnect with my source.

I am able to face major changes again, not of partner hopefully (LOL), but of place, occupation, objectives and organization. I feel that movement has reached places that were stuck, sometimes it hurts, but far less than blockage through corrosion. 
Incidentally, but I dont believe it’s incidental, my partner is going to have hip surgery after years of suffering and slowing down. I love what it means at all levels, and at the same time he has decided to quit his job afterwards, which means we have to find other ways to pay for our current needs, or change our needs. At a time when my own lines of income have reduced to next to nothing, it could be scary, yet I feel that this boot camp has prepared me to go with the flow of theses changes, to welcome them and bless them and have a ball with them, and not loose myself again in them.

You have alerted me to the need of knowing who I am in the midst of scary or enthusiastic life changes, as I tend to be so adaptable as to take on any personality that will fit the situation and/or please the people I love. Several people before you have invited me to remember who I am, but none has then proceded to hold the space for me to do it in, as you have. 

So It’s a heartfelt thank you, and everlasting gratitude from this fellow traveller!

Nov 2010

Veronica Belot

Wow, where do I start?  Bronwyn came into my life at a time when the pain of loneliness I had created was greater than the “payoff” that it was safer to be alone.

I had decided I did not want to live the next 46 years the same way as the past 46 years and so made a commitment to do whatever it takes to get myself to the next level of my journey.

With Bronwyn’s inspiration, guidance and NLP techniques I achieved the outcome and the results I wanted in just four sessions. Bronwyn held the space of conspiring for my success and
supported me to be the best version of me at all times.

I created new beliefs/rules and strategies around relationships in all areas of my life (self, family, friends and work colleagues) and am now enjoying the benefits.

My limiting rule around relationships went from
Pain/hurt=not safe=cannot trust =fear=feeling threatened=unable to breath/suffocation=death.
Pain/hurt=limiting belief (what am I telling myself) =opportunity to grow=gratitude for learning=it’s ok to trust=I am safe=life.

I feel so blessed and honored that Bronwyn shared this part of my journey. She truly lives up to her values and high ethical standards and for that I am truly and forever grateful.

Aug 2010

Celestina Giuliano

The  Boot Camp 33 Days Beliefs Challenge  and Bronwyn, What can I say but that it rocked my world, the foundation of my beliefs.

Things I believed about myself which hindered my welbeing and growth, I analysed took apart and discarded.  I then replaced them by beliefs about myself that aligned with my deepset values and goals. I am now more sure of what I want, I value my strong points and love myself despite the weaknesses which are a work in progress with no blame attached.

The important point is that I now know what to work on and how to do it. And no one gave me a recipy or owner’s manual. Bronwyn encouraged me to reflect and find my own solution and to apply them at my own pace, in caring for myself while loving myself. It was very liberating and gave me self confidence that whatever obstacle I would face I now have the tools to deal with.

All from the growth program of the Boot Camp and the mentoring of Bronwyn. Her challenges were always right on target to my needs. She inspired me to express the results of my self search and to share with fellow campers in a synergy of support and loving care. Which was a therapy in itself and very liberating in the sharing.

I was witness to miracles from each challenge shared. I saw and heard stories hidden since childhood, shared in liberation of trauma long endured. I shed myself of the obligation of perfection. Phew! what a relief of bad belief that was. I now feel lighter, more flexible  and better equiped to meet life’s challenges with fearless determination.

I am now writing a book which has always been a dream of mine. I pursue my interest in visual arts, which I never followed as I could see some imperfection in anything I painted. Perfection was essential in the doing of anything, strangling me.

Now I DO!

If it’s not perfect, it means I do it more and improve. I will be forever grateful to our Boot Camp Sarge for giving us the venue and the challenges to work the change we needed as a group and as individuals, in caring, supporting love and friendship. I am the JOY freak of the Boot Camp and this light now shines through whatever I do and wherever I go.

I can say of Bronwyn,in the words of Carly Simon,  “Nobody does it better”. She worked her magic on me and I liberated myself from things I never told a soul. In complete trust and confidence.

All to my benefit.

Jan 2010

Francine Ste Marie