Frequently Asked Questions of Bronwyn Clee

This section is a way of helping people understand what I do, why I do, and why I think it makes a difference. I live in a small country town called Darwin, situated in the Northern Territory, Australia. Darwin, Palmerston and the rural region has a population of around 130,000 and we’re fairly transient. Up to 15,000 people arrive and the same amount depart each year according to ABS 2011. Based on this, I’m mindful of the limited opportunities for me to do face to face work as well as maintain a sense of my community having a shared understanding of my work. Plus I’m always evolving and adding in extra services and letting go of the ones no longer in demand.

Question: What do you actually do?

Answer: I help people personally and/or professionally figure out what their goals are and what’s getting in the way of  achieving them. I prefer to see a person as a whole person and acknowledge the interplay of our personal and professional lives. I don’t believe in work-life-balance. I believe in Life Balance which means working to live not living to work.  I really love helping people understand the difference and how to achieve sustainable Life Balance. I’ve come up with an easy 4 step process to do this and it works a treat.

  1. Assess the current situation
  2. Identify opportunities/ solutions and map an action plan
  3. Implement the action plan with timelines and accountability measures
  4. Review the process after an agreed timeframe and start the whole process all over again

It sounds linear but in fact it’s circular! I’m excited to be launching a suite of personal and professional development programs in 2014 and looking forward to my clients getting more great results!

Question: What is your work really all about?

Answer:  I can’t speak for others, so will try to best explain what it means to me in a nutshell. Essentially it’s all about helping people understand that

1) we all have cultural norms that aren’t necessarily aligned with the rest of the world and need to find common ground to achieve the aims of their organisations

2) constant change is here to stay. If management want change implemented, then employers need to make sense of the required change and locate meaning and relevance to contextualise and accept it.

Question: Do you only work in Darwin?

Answer: No. Through my online programs and the use of skype, Facetime and Google+ Hangouts on Air, I have worked with clients around the world. In fact I have clients and colleagues that live 30 minutes away and we use technology for appointments etc as it helps buy back time and maintain momentum.

Question: How can you help me with my social media?

Answer: Well that depends on what you want to achieve. I believe your business is your public statement to the world. First up, we need to both be really clear there’s a huge difference between social media and social networking. Social media is all about content and social networking is all about how you actively engage with your content on or offline. Secondly,  what’s your PURPOSE for wanting to ‘do/be “social”? What do you want to achieve and by when? And how will you measure success?  If you’d like me to work with you within this context, I’d be happy to help map out the best way to your navigate social networks.

Question: Do you still do counselling? 

Answer: I have let my professional membership lapse as I no longer believe traditional counselling supports my clients adequately to achieve their full potential. If you’re interested in me working with you to identify and clear unresolved inner conflict and tension I’d be happy to talk to you about some of the methods I use. EFT (emotional freedom technique) or commonly known as Tapping, journal work and the power of gratitude and applied self care are a few of my tools of trade.

Question: As a facilitator what do you do?

Answer: This is all about helping people come together to reach resolution on tough topics. I love leadership and workforce development, with individuals and organisations who insist on decision makers being a part of the process.

My solid background in Restorative Practices, Asset Based Community Development, Strengths Based Approach, Coaching and Counselling allows me to support people through personal pain and professional conflict.

What do your clients tell you they appreciate the most about you?

Answer: I get feedback along the lines of being highly motivated, passionate and enthusiastic about people owning their own experiences and maintaining high levels of self care. I’m very action orientated and obviously work really well with people who are ready to embrace change.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Answer:  Creating space for my clients to open their heads and hearts and to trust themselves.  I feel very privileged with the level of trust my clients place in me.  As a midwife to change, my role is to simply facilitate the process – whatever it is! Expecting clients to take 100% responsibility of their goals and achievements releases me from having ownership on the outcome. And I love being prepared to be surprised! In fact, I love my work so much, that if I won $10million today I would do more of what I do now.