Twitter has fast become known as the most current news channel accessible to everyone and anyone. Simple do’s and don’ts of Twitter aren’t rocket science, they just require focus, clarity and intelligence.

#1 Be clear about your Purpose – why are you on Twitter?

Know why you want to be on Twitter. Do you want to network, expand your knowledge, deepen connections, be on the cutting edge of current news, have intelligent dialogue? This way you can navigate your way around with a sense of purpose and clarity.

#2 Have a Profile Picture

If you don’t know how to upload a photo, ask someone or disable your account until you’ve got it sorted. You just look like SPAM otherwise and it’s really not a good way to start engaging here.

#3 Use your profile to inform people of your intentions

Make it clear in your profile if you’re new here, are¬†going to tweet a lot, want to connect with certain communities etc. Hashtags are a great snappy tool for this. You’ll see in my profile pic that I’ve included tags I use often.

#4 Network with passion and purpose

Follow people intuitively and strategically – depending on your purpose. For example if I’m tweeting business info then I wanting to have that conversation with people who will benefit from the content. If on the other hand I’m sharing a photo via Instagram of my latest love in fermenting, then I’m going to probably want to engage with a different crowd.

#5 Ask questions and acknowledge your source

If you ask someone a question and they respond with great ideas, please acknowledge them! I have a few star tweeps like @driainwaller and @markwschaefer who I tend to recommend for various reasons. Dr Waller is my Edward De Bono creative innovative big brain social engineer, no nonsense give it to me straight, best mate, black hat/white hat go to. Now he’s not for the feint hearted, so if I send you to him for advice, be forewarned and please acknowledge his generosity.

Likewise, when I send newbies to Mark W Schaefer, author of The Tao of Twitter and all time social media extraordinaire, know that what I’m doing is opening a door to a whole new world of possibility. And again, the polite thing to do is acknowledge the opportunity.

So, there you have it. Go forth and tweet with focus, clairty and intelligence. And if that’s all too tricky, don’t tweet for a while, just watch and learn.