Dropbox is one of my go to cloud filing systems. I love that I can access my files from any device and not be restricted with storage as I’ve got the pro account. I know google drive is great too, but it doesn’t seem to hold formatting for me as well as Dropbox. Plus I find it easier to use to share files.  A friend and colleague I’m doing some work with recently  asked me about how to share a folder, so thought I  may as well blog my response!

Step 1

Log on to your Dropbox account homepage:

Step 2

Select the little folder with a rainbow on the bottom right corner of the icon “Share a folder” the hit the blue next button.

Step 3

Select the option you want to share – in my case, the folder is existing. Click the blue next button.

Step 4

This option will take you to your list of folders. Scroll through and select the folder you want to choose. By the way, If the folder is within a folder simply click on the + button to expand a folder. Once you’ve chosen the folder to share hit the blue next button. This will bring you to this pop up window where you simply type in the name of recipient you’d like to share with and add a brief message.

Step 5

Hit the Share folder button and you’re done!

Let me know if these tips helped or if you need a bit more info ok?