I completely understand why people think I’m strange, weird, or crazy. Don’t you worry, I’ve thought that about myself plenty of times. In fact I’m really comfortable in calling myself a weirdo now. Why you might ask? Well, I think, walk and talk faster than most people I know, and can be easily distracted. I’ve always had a busy mind that can take me off in a whole stack of directions and acknowledge this may send a message of disinterest while conversing. Which of course isn’t the message I want to send, but hey I have little control over how my behaviour is interpreted.  Interestingly when I was a kid, my dad often told me I had a wild imagination which I always took as a negative. Now however I’ve come to accept it as compliment even if he never intended it to be so! The greatest thing about my wild imagination is that it allows me to be creative and solution focused in a removed kind of way. Crazy thing is, I haven’t always been like that. In fact I used to be attracted to the distraction of fear based drama and would base my interpretations on life around what others thought of me – or what I thought they though of me. And why?

Because I was too scared to listen to my own inner voice and be my true self.

Now I know that’s not unusual in itself, as I’ve now come to realise that most people have done the same thing all their lives. The motivation for me to face my fears came after a whole lot of heartache and personal pain which taught me how to listen to my own inner thoughts and to face those damn fears. And guess what? Some of my worst fears came true, but they didn’t kill me! And now I love teaching my clients how to do the same thing. And why do I love doing what I do? Because I truly believe we are unique individuals for very good reasons and are MEANT to be our own true self, not a carbon copy of someone else. Let me say that again, with more emphasis

we are unique individuals for very good reasons and are MEANT to be our own true self, not a carbon copy of someone else.

So I ask you, are you too scared to listen to yourself? Do you know how to stop and listen to your own inner voice? And more to the point, do you know who you are rather than who you think people expect you to be?

I can’t help but wonder what our world would be like if we could just keep calm and keep it real.  Just imagine if we stopped using hard life lessons to teach us and instead just spoke our truth. Imagine if we taught our kids to do this right from their growing up years. Imagine if our workplaces and broader communities were fully embracing and accepting of honest conversations and saw differences as a value add rather than a deficit.

That’s the kind of world I live in and am helping to create, one day at a time. Just one small change can create an enormous ripple effect. Will you help lead the charge and change your world today? Can you give yourself permission to keep calm and keep it real? I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

Self Care medicine  "Keep calm and keep it real"

Self Care medicine
“Keep calm and keep it real”