The best work environments I’ve ever worked in are those where I felt valued, appreciated and acknowledged. And guess what? Feeling valued, appreciated and acknowledged drove my performance through the roof.

I loved the natural high of going above and beyond the call of duty, simply because I could and the rewards were pretty darn phenomenal – on every level.

People who don’t feel good about themselves struggle to accept praise. But do you know what? Those same people blossom and grow when they experience authentic appreciation.

“Gratitude is an attitude, not a platitude”

Janelle Sigley CEO The Gratitude Foundation

I’ve often wondered what would happen if managers at every level were taught how to grow an attitude of gratitude as a workplace expectation and to therefore educate staff on how to not just know it, but grow it.  I came across this Forbes article awhile back and was impressed.  What do you think? Are you in a position where you are responsible for staff?  Are you a Gratitude Grower? We’d love you to join us and share your gratitude insights and experiences in our Facebook community. We’re launching our #GratefulInApril2014 campaign where we are aiming to gratefully infect everyone we come into contact with!