Confidence is a commodity to trade.

Confidence is a commodity to trade.

Do you ever have those days when you doubt yourself and question what on earth you are doing and why you’re doing it? I’ve had a few of them lately and while they’re great for reflection, they can really impact on my mood. Plus I don’t particularly enjoy too many dark days in a row. So imagine my surprise when I opened this incredible email  from a women I met in a Bali cafe in July this year.  Just a little bit of background first folks. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m psychic. I first became aware of this in 1992 when I did Newlife Reike Seichim training. And while this psychic ability isn’t something I’ve learned to access on demand, I am becoming increasingly aware of how powerful and important it is for me to listen to.

The trick for me is to get out of my own way and when the ‘information arrives’, to respectfully and confidently, ask if the recipient is open to receiving it. And guess what? 99% of the time they say yes.

Anyway, there I was sitting in a cafe in Sanur, on my last day of a self imposed silent retreat when I get this invisible tap to “get ready for a download”. Now I’ve been known to share information received in this manner with clients, family and friends, but never before with strangers. After sitting there for 5 minutes trying to silent arguing with ‘the providers of the download’ I realised I wasn’t going to experience the peace I sought until I had delivered the ‘mail’.

Reluctantly I asked this lovely stranger if I could share some information I had ‘received’ for her, half expecting her to decline. Much to my surprise she agreed. Turns out Moya was there to celebrate her 70th birthday and had quite a bit of emotional turmoil going on. Hand on heart, to this day I can’t recall what I said to her. I’ve learned a long time ago that this type of content is not for me to hold on to. I do remember she was moved to tears and expressed how validated she felt with the info I shared. Moya and her companion asked how they could get in touch with me and I explained that I didn’t do that type of work in my business but was happy to stay in touch.

Fast forward 5 months later and I get this email:

“Hello again Bronwyn,

 I do hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you again.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying life up there in Darwin. I hope you don’t mind but you have certainly made a huge difference in my life…

I have surprised myself a number of times and been that driver not the passenger, as you suggested. Wow, thankyou.

Again when I am struggling I remember your wonderful words, my amazing trip to Bali and all the other things that are good in my world…

 Hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you again but I do just want to say what an amazing person you are and again to thank you.

May you always have happiness and laughter in your life, you have given me a lot of strengths that I didn’t know I had, well I guess I knew, just doubted myself so to you and your family have a wonderful christmas and may all your wishes and dreams come true.


Much love to you always

Moya xxxxx”

Now here’s the kicker folks: Moya was hesitant about sending me her email, yet receiving it gave me the same shot of confidence that I gave her in Bali.

Let’s face it, it’s incredibly affirming and uplifting when we receive unsolicited feedback. Confidence is a commodity that we can trade! And when we confidently get out of our heads, listen to our intuition, and be open to be guided, magic truly can happen. Thank YOU Moya, THANK YOU!