Bronwyn Murray, 6 years old at the Snake Gully Ball


My mum tells a funny story about me at 6 years of age, confidently defying the nuns by telling them that the only person I would partner to the Mini Debutante Ball was my best mate Dom Allery.


And guess who that is in that photo? Yep, that’s me and Dom. As old and tatty as that photo is, it’s my photographic evidence that I was once naturally confident.


As life would have it, my confidence took a severe battering over the following 35 odd years. Not that too many people would have ever guessed it. I was pretty good at

putting on a brave face, acting out of fear, false bravado and mis-directed emotions.


Statistically I shouldn’t be living the life I am today. Having experienced a multitude of abuse including self harm, from 15 to 21 I lived in two domestic violent relationships where fear was my constant companion.


Fortunately for me, from as far back as I can remember, my saving grace has always been my sister Julie. She and I agree with the research that tells us, to live happy, healthy and productive lives everyone needs at least one person on the planet who believes in them, and for me, it’s always been Julie.


Knowing that at least one person has confidence in us, in a sense is like they’ve made a solid investment in us. And I believe this investment is worth its weight in gold, that confidence is a global commodity. It’s transferable, transportable and an asset that never depreciates. Sure it might rise and fall depending on the environment, but essentially, confidence is currency.


So,  I have therefore decided to start a confidence revolution and have founded the World Confidence Bank! The World Confidence Bank will be backed by confidence investors who share the vision and philosophy of being willing to pay it forward in confidence, and make lifetime confidence investments in people who at times need to borrow some confidence. Agents will be needed around the world to set up local branches and campaign for confidence investors and people needing to borrow confidence.


PollyAnna courtesy of photo bucket
PollyAnna courtesy of photo bucket


Now I’m no Pollyanna, this is not about a hand out, but all about a hand up! The World Confidence Bank needs input from people with big heads and even bigger hearts. Confidence Bankers need to know how to cut through the crap. They are people who understand where their own stuff starts and stops. People who know how to empathise not sympathise. Confidence Bankers know how to share power and work WITH people. I know there are many people who like me, have had a hand up, and are willing to give back and pay it forward.

I want to know if you are one of them? If you are, email with I am a Confidence Banker in the header and I’ll explain more about how you can help.


Like I said, I’m no Pollyanna – there’s work to be done. The World Confidence Bank is all about helping people wanting & needing to grow their confidence along different parts of their journey. And did I say I haven’t always been this confident?

Blood, sweat, tears and ideas, and having my own Confidence Bankers believing in me, is what has shaped me into who I am today.  It’s taken me most of my life to be able to say and mean “I love, forgive and accept who I am today” and firmly believe anyone who wants change enough, can also do it! In fact, my lived experiences now provide me manure to fertilise not only my life, but those of my family, friends and clients.


If I have been able to climb on top of my painful past and achieve greatness in this life, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of greatness. People who have backed me and believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself, include my confidence queen Julie, my darling mother Carole Murray, my husband Steve, our gorgeous kids Nickie, Tyce & Josie Clee, Terry O’Connell, Tricia Rushton, Jan Richardson, Greg Jarvis… to name but a few.



I invite you to join me in the Confidence Revolution and BE the change you want to see in the world! If you are like me and work on your confidence daily, here are my top three tips on how you can ramp it up:

  1. give yourself permission to practice the art of failure, for its within our failures that we learn and grow.

  2. Be grateful – by writing down 5 things you are grateful for, on a daily basis, it reduces your stress instantly by 25%. Reduce your stress and increase your confidence.

  3. Make the most of YOUR life – push yourself to try new things. Life is not a dress rehearsal and there are at least a million people on the planet today, who would swap lives with you in a heart beat!

If you would like to join the design team who grows The World Confidence Bank from the grassroots up, fill in the comments box below and tell me why! If this post has sparked some ideas in you, and you’d like to share your vision of The World Confidence Bank, likewise, get cracking and fill in the comments box below. And please spread the word!

Welcome to the Confidence Revolution.

ps there’s a really interesting conversation going on in a group I belong to on  called “TED Ideas Worth Spreading”. I posed the question “How did you become confident?” a month ago, and it’s been fascinating reading peoples responses. Check it out if you’re on LinkedIn and feel free to share.